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The cadets of #530 "HAVOC" Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron are given the opportunity each summer to attend summer training and be paid for doing so. These opportunities are based on a variety of selection factors, for more information please speak to our Commanding Officer, Major Freer. 

Travel, accommodations and food are all included, and the cadet is provided with a 60$/wk training salary for courses held at Summer Training Centers. Staff cadets (senior cadets at the Sqn), are paid a higher rate of approximately 110$/day.  

For more details, please see below or check out the CTC Summer Training Website.

Summer Training Documents: Click Here


Summer Cadet Co-op (High School Credits)

UCDSB is once again offering the Summer Cadet Co-op program where cadets who are attending CTC course in Ontario will be able to earn up to 2 high school credits!


Although UCDSB is running this program, it is open to all cadets who reside in Ontario, and who will be attending a CTC course in Ontario. Cadets do not need to be students of UCDSB. Cadets remain students of their own board! 

Please note - cadets attending CAP, or CTC out of the province of Ontario will NOT qualify for the program and cadets must already have obtained at least one high school credit to apply. 


For more details, please follow this link: Summer Semester Cadet COOP - Upper Canada District School Board (

Level 1


Level 1 CAP

  • 5 Days long

  • Day-only activities

  • Hosted in KW region


Level 2


Level 2 CAP

  • 1 week long

  • Day-only activities with a three day overnight component.

  • Hosted in KW region

Level 3

Hosted at various Summer Training Centers across the province.​

  • Aviation Technology and Aerospace (2-week in-person)

  • Advanced Aviation (1-week online, 3-week in-person)

  • Advanced Aerospace (1-week online, 3-week in-person)

  • Survival Instructor (1-week online, 3-week in-person)

  • Drill and Ceremonial Instructor (1-week online, 3-week in-person)

  • Fitness and Sports Instructor (1-week online, 3-week in-person)

  • Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor (1-week online, 3-week in-person)

  • Military Band (1-week online, 3-week in-person)

Level 4/5

Hosted at various Summer Training Centers across the province.​

  • Cadet Administrating and Supply Assistant (2-week)

  • Staff Cadet (1-7 weeks)

National Courses

Various Durations

  • International Air Cadet Exchange

  • Glider Pilot Course

  • Power Pilot Course

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