The cadets of #530 "HAVOC" Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron are given the opportunity each summer to attend summer training and be paid for doing so. These opportunities are based on a variety of selection factors, for more information please speak to our Commanding Officer, Capt. Free. 

Travel, accommodations and food are all included, and the cadet is provided with a 60$/wk training salary. Staff cadets (senior cadets at the Sqn), are paid a higher rate of approximately 110$/day.  

Level 1

Two week duration

  • General Training Course​​

Level 2

Three week duration

  • Basic Drill & Ceremonial 

  • Basic Aviation

  • Basic Aviation Technology and Aerospace

  • Basic Survival 

  • Basic Sports and Fitness

  • Military Band-Basic Musician

  • Pipe Band- Basic Musician

Level 3

Six week duration

  • Advanced Aviation (3 week Instructor level-lead up to Glider/Power Scholarship)

  • Survival Instructor

  • Drill and Ceremonial Instructor

  • Fitness and Sports Instructor

  • Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor 

  • Military Band- Intermediate Musician

  • Pipe Band- Intermediate Musician

Level 4/5

Six week duration

  • Military Band- Advanced Musician

  • Pipe Band- Advanced Musician

  • Staff Cadet (7 weeks)

National Courses

Various Durations

  • International Air Cadet Exchange

  • Glider Pilot Scholarship

  • Power Pilot Scholarship

  • Advanced Aviation Technology- Airport Operations

  • Advanced Aerospace

  • Advanced Aviation Technology- Aircraft Maintenance