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Awards- National

Lord Strathcona

The Lord Strathcona Medal (LSM) is the highest Award which can be bestowed upon a Cadet in recognition of exemplary performance in physical and military training.

The Medal and the accompanying Certificate of Merit are awarded by the Lord Strathcona Trust. The issue and wearing of the LSM is authorized by the Chief of the Defence Staff. Each Air Cadet Squadron may award one Medal in each training year, but the award of the Medal is to be based solely on the availability of a worthy candidate. Awarding the LSM annually is not mandatory and should not be a matter of custom for a particular appointment or by seniority alone. 

The recipient must have complete knowledge of the activities of the cadet movement and must meet the following requirements:

            a.         Have a high level of physical fitness;

            b.         Have qualified to a level not below Level 3 in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets;

            c.         Have met all the requirements of their corps / Sqn Mandatory Training program and attended a minimum of                                 75% of the scheduled parades in the year of nomination;

            d.         Have met all the requirements of their corps / Sqn Optional Support training program and participated in a                                   minimum of 50% of scheduled activities in the year of nomination;

            e.         Have completed three years as a cadet; and

            f.          Be regarded by peers and superiors as exemplifying the model cadet

Legion Medal of Excellence

Legions all across Ontario Command, in partnership with local cadet organizations and their sponsors, participate in the Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence Program. The Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence is awarded annually to the cadet having shown a high degree of participation and leadership in the area of citizenship and in meeting and enhancing the aims and objectives of the cadet organization.

The presentation and wearing of this medal is authorized by the Chief of the Defence Staff and is based solely on there being a suitably worthy cadet candidate within the corps. It is not to be considered a mandatory yearly selection.


The criteria for selection of individual cadets requires that they have fulfilled the following conditions through three years of cadet training:

  • have fulfilled all requirements of the corps local headquarters annual mandatory training program and participated in 75% of the optional training;

  • have participated in at least three community service events, in addition to the corps supported programs;

  • must be seen by peers and superiors to exemplify the model cadet and enhance his/her corps status by:

    • co-operation with peers and superiors

    • comradeship

    • promotion of goodwill and morale within the corps

    • supporting and assisting corps members

    • enhancing the image of Cadets in the local community

Air Cadet of Canada Long Service Medal

Air Cadet Service Medal upon completion of four calendar years of continuous honourable service with no serious

infractions.  The medal will be recommended for issue by the Commanding Officer and endorsed by the SSC Chairperson. A bar and rosette is issued for each year of training completed beyond the four year Air Cadet Service Medal qualifying period.  The Bar is worn on the Medal ribbon, and a corresponding Gold Rosette is worn on the undress ribbon.

Scholarships and Bursaries

The Air Cadet League of Canada is pleased to offer six post-secondary education scholarship awards to Royal Canadian Air Cadets. Deadlines are April 1st for the following 6 awards:

Young Citizens Foundation Scholarship $5000 

Dale Scholarship

Birchall Scholarship

Alex Venebles Scholarships in Engineering

Jazz Aviation Pathway Award for Professionalism

Jazz Aviation Pathway Award for Professionalism and Diversity


In the process of evaluating the applications, for the academic component, the focus is on the following subjects: (a) Languages; (b) Mathematics; (c) Physical Sciences; and (d) Social Sciences. It is important that the most recent report card or transcript include these courses.  Please click here for more information regarding the above 6 awards.

Additional Scholarships include :

404 K-W Wing Scholarship

Alfred Wong Memorial Scholarship $1200 (deadline August 31 and September 30)

Aircrew Officers Association of Canada Bursary $2500 (deadline August 31 and September 30)

Ontario Aerospace Council (3 total) $2000 (deadline May 4, 2018)

Women in Aerospace Canada Scholarship $2000 (deadline May 4, 2018)

Royal Canadian Legion- Ontario Command Bursary Program $750 max. 

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